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Filming calendar 2024

This year we opted for a slightly different model and brought the work to the studio, where, with the help of the photographer, we wanted to emphasize, with the minimalism of the images, the different guilds and show how they look really women at work.

The day was a great success. We had 19 women dedicated to different construction trades who were able to get to know each other and see that many of us are in the same boat. There was no shortage of fun moments, laughter and above all, networking.


All this was possible thanks to:


Eva Gili, Judith Torrente, Andrea Caballero, Yaiza Garcia, Ana Cuervo, Natàlia Crespo, Anna Ferruz, Núria Sánchez, Victoria Merchán, Anna Castilla, Flor Kania, María José Cano, Carla Bossi, Marta Cabanillas, Cristina Miralles, Irina García, Aina del Tio

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