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Welcome to 


We are a non-profit association made up of people from different fields, committed to the goal of making the role of women in the construction sector visible and with the intention of reversing our contribution to the sector by carrying out solidarity projects.  

We are committed to changing from competition to cooperation, with the application of well-defined values and with the collaboration of all people who, like us, are committed to social evolution towards gender equality and the reduction of social injustice.

We women have been actively involved in the construction throughout history, whether as professionals, advisors, educators or clients, why does this not appear in history books?  

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Throughout history, the names of many women who have been part of construction processes and architecture have been lost, silenced, or rewritten under a man's name, and that must change.


We are committed to solidarity as a means of reducing social injustice and of guiding society along the path of gender equality, obtaining the same rights, freedoms and conditions while respecting our differences.


Today, the percentage of women in the sector is still far from equal, probably due to the influence of a society where the lack of female references is very evident.

Let's create it for future generations! 


We believe in sorority as the main tool for cooperation between entities and the achievement of common goals. If we work together, we can build a better world together.

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