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At Construïm Juntes we believe that the time has come to deconstruct the concept of the “men's sector” and make the gender role of construction disappear, turning it into a sector that is aware of equality.  

That is why we want to create a professional network of women dedicated to construction to support us, advise us, create collaborations and synergies, empower us and build together by learning from each other.  

We want a construction where women have a presence and are valued. A construction where we do not have to put up with comments and attitudes, and do not doubt our abilities.  

We claim our role as architects, engineers, designers, carpenters, welders, installers, masons, painters… women builders!

We rewrite history by making visible all those women who have been forgotten or silenced, erasing their mark on construction.  

Many of us are in this situation. If you feel identified and want to be part of this revolution, learn and build together, contact us from the following link!

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